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    2015 East Coast Showdown Champions

    Mens: University of Maryland

    Womens: Colombia

    East Coast Showdown Standings

    Mens Team GM1 GM2 GM3 Total   Womens Team GM1 GM2 GM3 Total
    UMD 5 6 6 17   Colombia 4.5 5 4.5 14
    PSUA 4.5 6 5 15.5   Towson 5 4 4.5 13.5
    Loyola 5 4 4 13   UMD 5 1 5 11
    Hobarts 6 5 1 12   Rowan 0 4.5 5.5 10
    Widener 3.5 1 6 10.5   IUP 0.5 4 4.5 9
    Bloom 6 0 4 10   St Joes 4 1 3.5 8.5
    Rutgers 5 3.5 1 9.5   Navy 4 4 0.5 8.5
    SCCC 0.5 4.5 4 9   Virginia 5 0 1.5 6.5
    Bucknell 4.5 1.5 0 6   Loyola 1 4 0 5
    Salisbury 0.5 4 1 5.5   American 1 1 0.5 2.5
    Catholic 1.5 1 2 4.5   Rutgers 0 1 0.5 1.5
    Dickinson 0 0 4 4   Villanova 0 0.5 0.5 1
    American 0 3.5 0 3.5            
    Shippensburg 0 0 3 3            
    Pitt-Green 0 0.5 2 2.5            
    PSUH 0 1.5 0 1.5            

    4th Annual DVCHC East Coast Showdown Schedule

    **Please check the rinks postings for rink info**

    Winners are BOLD

    Friday, Nov 20

    Home  Away Result
    12:30PM BLOOM PSUH 13-0
    12:45PM RWN (W) TOW (W) 1-9
    12:45PM WU CU 6-5
    1:30PM DC HOB 0-11
    2:45PM SJU (W) AMU (W) 6-4
    3:00PM SLB BUCK 1-5
    3:45PM SHIP UMD 1-9
    5:00PM LOY (W) NAVY 3-6
    5:15PM PSUA SCCC 9-5
    7:00PM NEU UD 11-0
    7:15PM NOVA (W) UMD (W) 1-7
    9:15PM LOY PITTG 14-1
    9:30PM COL (W) IUP (W) 8-3
    9:45PM RUT (W) VIR (W) 2-8
    10:00PM RUTC AMU 11-3
    Saturday Nov 21 Home Away Result
    8:30AM PSUH AMU 5-6
    9:15AM SLB CU 10-8
    9:45AM AMU (W) IUP (W) 1-2
    10:45AM UMD (W) TOW (W) 3-5
    12:00PM HOB BLOOM 11-4
    2:15PM BUCK RUTC 2-3 (SO)
    4:15PM ROW (W) NOVA (W) 3-1
    4:30PM COL (W) VIR (W) 13-2
    5:00PM LOY WU 5-4
    6:30PM PITTG SCCC 1-6
    6:45PM NEU PSUB 3-2
    7:15PM SHIP PSUA 0-10
    8:45PM RUT (W) NAVY (W) 3-6
    9:00PM SJU (W) LOY (W) 4-7
    9:30PM UMD DC 9-0
    Saturday, Nov 22 Home  Away Result
    7:00AM NOVA (W) TOW (W) 2-7
    8:00AM RUT (W) IUP (W) 2-10
    8:30AM PSUA PSUH 14-2
    9:15AM HOB LOY 6-8
    9:30AM PITTG BLOOM 6-7
    10:15AM SLB SCCC 4-13
    10:45AM BUCK UMD 0-8
    11:30AM CU SHIP 8-8
    11:45AM SJU (W) VIR (W) 5-4
    12:30PM ROW (W) AMU (W) 6-0
    1:45PM COL (W) NAVY (W) 13-8
    2:45PM NEU ESU 7-2
    4:15PM LOY (W) UMD (W) 1-8
    4:15PM RUTC DC 1-2
    5:00PM AMU WU 0-10




    MENS High School Showcase: 11/21/15 @ 11:30AM

    WOMENS High School Showcase: 11/21/15 @1:15PM

    Register Now !!

    Register now for the 4th Annual DVCHC College Showcase !!

    The showcase will providing great exposure and opportunities, for local hockey players with the goal of continuing their hockey experience at the Division III college level. This Showcase will offer up to 80 local players the opportunity to meet and be evaluated by 15 – 20 of the regions D-III Colleges.

    SIGN UP NOW!!! This showcase is on a first come basis!

    Visit for general information, schedules, scores about the 4th Annual DVCHC College Showcase.

      Congratulations to the foursome of DVCHC teams on winning the 2015 Empire Classic !!! 

      Participating Schools: Bryn Athyn, Rowan, Alvernia and Richard Stockton

      Empire Classic 2015

      GENERAL ADMISSION: $10 Per Day (Adults over 12), $8 Per Day (Valid College/Military ID), $5 For the Last Game of each day  
      Friday, November  20 Home  Away
      Game 1 - 12:00 pm  MAR ALV
      Game 2 - 12:15 pm FRE STO
      Game 3 -  3:00 pm SCSU RMU
      Game 4 -  3:15 pm FAR UPJ
      Game 5 -  6:00 pm ROW CAL
      Game 6 -  6:15 pm BA FU
      Saturday, November  21    Home  Away
      Game 7 - 10:00 am  RMU MAR
      Game 8 - 10:15 am ALV FRE
      Game 9 -  1:00 pm UPJ FU
      Game 10 -  1:15 pm FAR ROW
      Game 11 -  4:00 pm BA CAL
      Game 12 -  4:15 pm STO SCSU
      Sunday, November  22 Home  Away
      Game 13 - 8:00 am  FRE MAR
      Game 14 - 8:15 am RMU STO
      Game 15 -  11:00 am SCSU ALV
      Game 16 -  11:15am BA UPJ
      Game 17 -  2:00 pm FAR CAL
      Game 18 -  2:15 pm FU ROW

      Finbarr OConnor Elected to St. Joe's Hall of Fame

      The DVCHC is proud to announce that Finbarr O’Connor has been placed into the St. Joseph’s University Hall of Fame.

      Finbarr was a founding member of the DVCHC and served in numerous executive capacities during its early years.

      Mr. O’Connor served as a coach for over 35 years with St. Joseph’s, leading it to 5 DVCHC League championships.  He has also served as a mentor to hundreds of student athletes over his 48 year tenure. 

      The DVCHC named our Sportsmanship Award after Finbarr, The Finbarr O’Connor Sportsmanship Award.  This award is presented annually to the player that best represents the DVCHC, their school, team and themselves with respect for the rules and all participants, and plays with dignity and perseverance.

      The DVCHC thanks Finbarr for all of his hard work and congratulates him on his admission to the SJU Hall of Fame.

      2015-2016 DVCHC Standings

      2015-2016 DVCHC Team Pages

      2015-2016 Executive Board Elected

      Congratulations to the New DVCHC Executive Board for the  2015/2016 Season
      President - John Rinck
      Vice President - Mike Shull
      Treasurer - Jim O Connor
      Recording Secretary - Greg Audino
      Sr. Commissioner National Division - Tom Galambos
      American Division Commissioner - Jay Turcotte
      Vice President, Tournaments - Mike Cirard
      Awards Director - Paul Gilligan
      Recruitment Administrator - Rhiannon Volpe
      Webmaster - Ray McNulty

      League Meetings


      May 7, 2016, August 27, 2016


      December 12, 2015, January 16, 2016, December 10, 2016

      New DVCHC Teams

      The DVCHC would like to welcome three new teams to the organization.  Bucknell University, DeSales University and University of Maryland have been voted in a probationary members for the 2015-2016 season.

      Weather Cancellation Bylaws

      Game Cancellations due to inclement weather: 
      All teams are reminded that if their school is closed, there is no game.A majority of schools will not allow their teams to use school vans in the event schools are closed for bad weather.Once this is announced, both coaches are to contact each other, then contact the Commissioner, who will pass it on to the referees.
      Inclement Weather Game Cancellation Protocol:
      Communication by both coaches as soon as bad weather is forecasted or no later than 48 hours prior to game
      Both Coaches will coordinate a timeline and a plan for final decision time
      Both Coaches will contact the Commissioner or President once a decision to cancel is reached
      Notification deadline will be no later than 6 hours prior to game time
      Approval from league Commissioner or President must be provided prior to cancellation of game
      Date to replay game must be re-scheduled within 7 calendar days of cancellation or a forfeit will be declared by the Commissioner and/or President.
      Financial responsibility issues to be resolved by Commissioner if no agreement can be reached between two teams within 5 calendar days of cancellation

      2014-2015 Season Highlights

      DVCHC National Division Champions

      Congratulations to Bryn Athyn for winning the 2014-2015 DVCHC National Division Championship

      Bryn Athyn Claims Top 4 ACHA Spot


      The DVCHC extends their sincere thanks, appreciation, and congratulations to Bryn Athyn College for their outstanding performance through this entire season.  After going undefeated (14-0) to capture the DVCHC Championship, they then continued their roll at the ACHA National Tournament.  After battling to a 2-0-1 record in the preliminary rounds, Bryn Athyn earned a spot as one of the top four teams in the U.S. and a shot a Michigan State.  Despite coming back from deficits three different times during the game, our boys great run came up one bad bounce of the puck short of a trip to the title game. 


      Bryn Athyn  6  Northern Colorado  2 
      Bryn Athyn  4  NC-Wilmington    1
      Bryn Athyn  3  Hope College  3

      ACHA National Semi Final Game
      Bryn Athyn  6 Michigan State  7 OT

      DVCHC Award Winners

      2014-2015 Season Award Winners

      Coach of the Year Award
      American Div. - Greg Audino from Rutgers-Camden Univ.
      National Div. - Andrew Burke from Bryn Athyn College
      Most Valuable Player Award
      American Div. - Austin Rinck from Shippensburg Univ.
      National Div. - Nico Delgiorno from Alvernia Univ.
      Outstanding Goaltender Award
      American Div. - Andrew Hieber from PSU Brandywine
      National Div. - Eddie Rafferty from Stockton Univ.
      Defensive Player of the Year Award
      American Div. - Zach Varquez from Rutgers-Camden Univ.
      National Div. - Brian Murphy from Neumann Univ.
      Offensive Player of the Year Award
      American Div. - Kyle Bushong from Shippensburg Univ.
      National Div. - Nico Delgiorno from Alvernia Univ.
      Finbarr O'Connor Sprotsmanship Award
      American Div. - Zach Varquez from Rutgers Camden Univ.
      National Div. - Daniel DiMonte from Rowan Univ.
      Commissioners Award
      Terrence Johnson from Bryn Athyn College

      DVCHC American Division Champion Rutgers- Camden

      Congratulations to Rutgers-Camden for winning the 2014-2015 DVCHC American Div Championship

      2014-2015 DVCHC All Star Game

      The DVCHC All Star game was another great success.  The players and coaches had great fun putting on a very exciting show for the many fans that were in attendance.  Team Cirard scored with less than 1 minute left to claim a 6-5 victory over Team Audino.

      Stockton College Goalie Named ACHA All American

      The DVCHC would like to congratulate Ed Rafferty from Stockton College on being named to the 2nd Team ACHA All American Team.

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