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East Coast Showdown Tournament Results


The DVCHC would like to thank all of the teams for their attendance at the Third Annual East Coast Showdown College Ice Hockey Tournament. It was the largest Showdown to date with 15-men's programs and 8-women's programs. I hope each and every one of your organizations found the hockey to be competitive and a positive experience. 
Men's Results - 
    With 15 teams striving to win the East Coast Showdown, it was expected to come down to the last day. On the start of Sunday morning, four teams were within one point for first place but only one can win. I would like to congratulate Catholic University of America from Washington, DC from the Blue Ridge Hockey Conference. Catholic U of America narrowly edging out Rowan University from the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference 16 points to 15. Third and Fourth place go to Suffolk County C.C. out of Long Island, and University of Maryland with 11 points each.  
Women's Results
 Eight teams entered play Friday night with the intentions of playing strong, competitive hockey, but one team decided that they wanted to dominate this tournament. I want to congratulate Towson University from the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference for their impressive weekend. Towson was the first team in the history of the East Coast Showdown to earn every possible point, earning an impressive 18 points, by having 3 consecutive shutouts.   University of Maryland was second by earning 15 of the possible 18 points.
Again, thank you for attending the Third Annual East Coast Showdown and we look forwarding to see you at the Fourth Annual East Coast Showdown the weekend before Thanksgiving in 2015.
11/21/2014 Rink Away Home
4:00pm Rink 4 Rowan University 7 Rutgers-Camden 4
5:15pm Rink 2 Towson University WOMEN 8 Villanova University WOMEN 0
5:45pm Rink 3 Widener University 1 Suffolk County C C 5
6:15pm Rink 4 American University 6 PSU Harrisburg 4
7:15pm Rink 1 Rutgers University WOMEN 0 Rowan University WOMEN 2
5:00pm Rink 1 University of Maryland 4 Old Dominion University 0
8:00pm  Rink 3 Shippensburg University 3 Cal Univ of PA II 12
8:30pm Rink 4 NJ Phoenix WOMEN 6 American University WOMEN 0
9:30pm Rink 1 Salisbury University-4 CC of Allegheny County-6
9:45pm Rink 2 University of Virginia WOMEN University of Maryland WOMEN
10:15pm  Rink 3 Catholic University of America-8 Carnegie Mellon University-0
11/22/2014 Rink Away Home
11:30-1:00p Rink 3 HIGH SCHOOL SHOWCASE GAME (Men's)
11:15am Rink 4 Rutgers University WOMEN-0 Towson University WOMEN -9
12:00pm Rink 1 PSU Harrisburg 0 Suffolk County C C   11
1:30pm Rink 4 Old Dominion University 6 CC of Allegheny County 12
1:30-3pm Rink 3 HIGH SCHOOL SHOWCASE GAME (Women's)
2:15pm Rink 1 Carnegie Mellon University 14 American University 1
3:30pm Rink 3 Rutgers-Camden University 4 Shippensburg University 7
3:45pm Rink 4 Hobart & WS College Cal Univ of PA II
4:15pm Rink 2 American University- W 2 Rowan University WOMEN 6
4:30pm Rink 1 NJ Phoenix WOMEN 2 University of Maryland-W 8
6:00pm Rink 4 Rowan University 5 University of Maryland 0
6:45pm Rink 1 U of Virginia WOMEN Villanova U WOMEN
8:15pm Rink 4 Salisbury University Catholic University of America
11/23/2014 Rink Away Home
8:00am Rink 1 PSU Harrisburg Carnegie Mellon University
8:30am Rink 2 NJ Phoenix WOMEN Towson University WOMEN
9:15am Rink 3 Suffolk County C C Salisbury
9:30am Rink 4 U of Maryland WOMEN Rutgers U WOMEN
10:15am Rink 1 Rutgers University - Camden Old Dominion University
10:45am Rink 2 Widener University American University
11:30am Rink 3 Hobart & WS College Catholic University of America
11:45am Rink 4 Cal Univ of PA II Rowan Univeristy 
12:30pm Rink 1 CC of Allegheny County University of Maryland
2:00pm Rink 4 University of Virginia WOMEN Rowan University WOMEN
2:45pm Rink 1 American University WOMEN Villanova University WOMEN

Walk Ups Welcome at the Door on Saturday

Change: Women's HS Showcase Game has been rescheduled for 1:30 PM

Men's East Coast Showdown Tournament Standings

Team Points
American University 4
California University of Pennsylvania - II 5
Carnegie Mellon University 5
Catholic University of America 6
Community College of Allegheny County 7.5
Hobart and William Smith Colleges 0
Old Dominion University 1
Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg 1
Rowan University 10
Rutgers-Camden University 4
Salisbury University 1.5
Shippensburg University 1.5
Suffolk County Community College 11
University of Maryland 7
Widener University 0
Team Points
American University 1
NJ Phoenix 6.5
Rowan University 9.5
Rutgers University .5
Towson University 12
University of Maryland 10.5
University of Virginia 0
Villanova University 0

2nd Annual DVCHC High School Showcase Event is a Monster Success


DVCHC Board of Directors

President - John Rinck
Vice President - Jay Turcotte
Commissioner - Tom Galambos
Treasurer - Jim O Connor
Recording Sec. - Greg Audino
Tournament Dir. - Mike Cirard
Awards Director - Paul Gilligan


Congratulations go out to the players and coaches from Shippensburg University on winning the 2nd Annual East Coast Showdown Tournament. The competition was great this year with every game being hard fought and exciting down to the final buzzer.  This year there were four teams playing for the tournament title on the last day and were seperated by only 1 point between first and fourth place.  Shippensburg secured the championship with a win in the third period of the final game of the tournament.

Champions - Shippensburg Univ 10.5 pts.
2nd Place Tie - Rowan Univ & American Univ. 10 pts.
4th Place - Widener Univ. 9.5 pts.
5th Place - California Univ. of PA 8 pts.
6th Place - Rutgers-Camden Univ
7th Place - Johns Hopkins Univ.
8th Place - Penn State Univ. Harrisburg


Congratulations to the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference on winning their 3rd consecutive Empire Classic.  The Classic hosts 16 of the top ACHA's teams from the Mid Atlantic and Northeast regions and offers an opportunity to see some of the top ranked teams in the country do battle.  Neumann University, Bryn Athyn College, Richard Stockton University and Alvernia University combined for an overall record of 9 wins and 3 losses in the tournament to take home bragging rights once again.

1st East Coast College Showdown Tournament hosted by the DVCHC

Neumann University Wins National league Crown

Rowan University Wins American Division Crown

Congratulations to Rowan University on winning the 2013-2014 American Division Championship.  Following an 11-1 regular season divisional record and going undefeated in this years playoffs, Rowan University has been crowned American Division Champions.

Congratulations to the players, coaches, and their fans on a great season.

Rowan University 2013-2014 American Champs

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DVCHC Men's Tournament Schedule

Friday November 22, 2013
Widener Univ. 10 - Penn State Harrisburg 0
American Univ 6 -. Shippensburg Univ. 3
California Univ of PA 3 - Rowan Univ 3. 
Rutgers-Camden Univ.7. - Johns Hopkins Univ. 4 
Saturday November 23, 2013
Rowan Univ. 10 -  Penn State Harrisburg 0
Rutgers-Camden Univ 4 - American Univ. 6
Widener Univ. 5 - Cal Univ. of PA - 3  
Shippensburg Univ. 4 - Johns Hopkins Univ. 0 
Sunday November 24, 2013
Rowan Univ. 4 - American Univ. 4
Cal Univ. of PA 6 - Rutgers-Camden Univ. 4
Widener Univ. 2 - Johns Hopkins Univ. 4
Penn State Harrisburg 1 - Shippensburg Univ. 10

ACHA Colleges and Universities Attending Showcase

Widener University, PA      Shippensburg University, PA
Rutgers-Camden University, NJ      Rowan University, NJ
Bryn Athyn College, PA      University of Delaware, DE
Penn State Univ. Brandywine, PA      Mount Staint Mary's Univ., MD
American University, Wash DC      Salisbury University, MD
California University of PA      Neumann University, PA
Richard Stockton College, NJ      Johns Hopkins University, MD
Messiah College, PA      Penn State Univ. Harrisburg, PA

Tables will be setup behind the Pub from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM to meet with school representatives