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DVCHC Rules / Forms / Bylaws / Protocol

Bad Weather Instructions

Inclement Weather Game Cancellation Procedures:

If inclement weather is anticipated, coaches should initiate communications with each other at least 24 hours prior to game time along with the League Commissioner or President.  If it is determined that a game will need to be postponed, follow the guidlines below:

  • Cancellation notification deadline of 6 hours prior to game time
  • Approval from league Commissioner or President
  • New game date/time must be re-scheduled within 5 calendar days of cancellation
  • Financial responsibility issues will be resolved by Commissioner if no agreement can  be reached between the two teams within 5 calendar days of cancellation


  • Live Scoring is Mandatory for all league games.  If wifi is not available, all game stats must be entered no later than 5 PM Monday each week
  • Hard copy score sheets will be for backup support
  • Teams are responsible to check the Arbiter no later than 48 hours prior to their game to ensure referee's have been assigned
  • Game results - All final scores must be emailed to your Commissioner and Justin Berger from the ACHA no later than 5 PM Monday each week
  • All Eligibility Forms and Rosters must be submitted to the DVCHC and ACHA Commissioner by October 1st
  • First half league fees are due to the DVCHC Treasurer by October 1st.  Final payment due no later than one week prior to your first game in January.